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Roegate College – Progress without Boundaries
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Start Learning and Earning with Africa’s First 

Online Adult Learning Provider

The best platform for learning, engaging, creating and promoting online courses. Start learning new skills, advance your career or become an entrepreneur

Achieve Your Goals with Roegate College

Learn in-demand Skills

Access courses, lessons, projects, quizzes and resources on top in-demand skills. Work through them at your own pace.

Develop Entrepreneurial Thinking

Learn how to monetize skills, develop entrepreneurial thinking, solve problems and add value wherever you are.

Advance in your Career

Get access to courses, resources and career mentors & coaches to facilitate your career and business advancement.

Back to Education/ Work Courses

Been off the education grid for a while? Access courses that get you back on track and facilitate your return to work. Find out about our Back to Work Programme for African Women.

Teach In Roegate College

Create, teach and promote brilliant online courses for adults on this platform to help them learn new skills, advance in their career or break into new ones. Whichever way they choose, be a part of their success. Start now.

Popular Courses

Why Choose Roegate College

 We’re 100% online, so you can study at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
 No exams; projects/assignments-based learning
 Easy payment plan; monthly instalments
 Globally accredited & recognised qualification
 UK accredited diplomas recognised globally
 Highly supportive learning community.
Courses relevant to where you are and where you want to go.

Enrol on a Course. Start Learning Now

As a learner, you have access to a range of courses specially curated for you. Begin learning new skills, advancing your career, building an entrepreneurial mindset and growing your business.