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In partnership with UTIVA, we can now offer the following courses :

  • 1.Data Analytics
    2. Software Development
    3.Agile HR Analytics
    4. Product Design
    5. Product Management

Data Science Fellowship:

This fellowship programme helps you master Data Science in 3 months and prepare you for jobs in Data Science. Learn SQL, Excel, PowerBI, Python and join our virtual apprenticeship.


 Become a Data Analyst (Accelerator)

This course helps you accelerate your career into Data Analytics: Learn Structured Query Language and Power BI for

 Data Analytics and Visualization and Visualization.


Product Design:

Become a UI/UX Designer

Our Instructor-led and hands-on training model helps you learn a combination of the art and science of tech product design with emphasis on solving business cases.


Product Management:

Become a Product Manager

The Utiva Product School offers leading practices in product management and product prototyping through an experiential learning process experiential learning process.


Cloud Administration:

Become a Cloud Administrator

Learn the basics of cloud computing and start using Azure services; from virtual machines, to databases and web apps and access jobs in the cloud IT Administration space.

Instructor-led Live Classes:

  • Learn from the convenience of your living room.
  • Be paired with other learners and coaches.
  • Work on business cases and capstone projects.

Live classes means you can archive your entire class

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